BESS newborn- babykleding logo ster

Hi mommy and daddy, here I am!

You’ve been waiting for me but I got to warn you: I’m going to stir up your life. 

I need all your attention and care 24/7! 

As I basically can only do 4 things at first: Burp. Eat. Shit. Sleep.


I know I’m tiny and you want to dress me up to match my cuteness. 

Please keep in mind that I am a no-nonsense BESS-baby at heart.

Which means I like my clothes to be comfy, hip and authentic. 

Nothing will make me more happy than laying around looking my best, 

it’s all I have!

So bear with me, dress me like the B.E.S.S.-baby I am and I promise you:
you’ll see my first smile soon! 


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