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    • Adres: Dronten
    • Telefoon: +31 85 1042211
    • Email: info@brands2love.nl


    Who does like to wait? This was the question when Wendy was thinking 7 years ago to start a new label for modern pregnant. With 15 years of experience they had gained in another brand she went to work on it! It turned in particular to the statement that there is no "trendy clothes" existed for pregnant woman. And that's why she actually as soon as possible turned back to her 'normal' clothes to wear. And so they turned it around: why should they not be able to design maternity wear to make it worth waiting for the baby! And so it happened.

    Thus arose the name LOVE2WAIT and hence the incentive to design new trendy maternity clothes!

    Soon came the modern pregnant woman Romy in their path. She told of "The Story of Romy" exactly what the story about Wendy want to bring to all pregnant women; "During your pregnancy there is no need to change your own identity! Our clothing is fashionable and indistinguishable from the latest fashion. " 

    Meanwhile LOVE2WAIT, a young company, you can’t go over it in fashionable life. Not in the least because of the trendy jeans that fits naturally. Jeans that more and more also by non-pregnant women be worn. The crew of LOVE2WAIT, which mainly consists of women, also wearing regular jeans from the collection. Often accompanied by a trendy top with a so characteristic L2W print! 

    LOVE2WAIT is located in Dronten. The atmosphere is good and everyone loves to come over. So there are always new solutions devised to handle the strong growth. Solutions that also invented by the resourceful staff. Because LOVE2WAIT is proud of the people who work there. Because they really are part the family of LOVE2WAIT.

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